Courthouse to Classrooms

Courtrooms to classroomThe Courthouse to Classrooms Program is an initiative that places attorneys, law enforcement personnel, judicial officers, firemen, social workers, counselors and other public servants into local schools to mentor and tutor kids. The program is designed to educate, increase awareness and provide hands-on experience to the youth of our community about our legal institutions and processes.

In most cases, our volunteers create programs and/or lectures to help kids learn how to improve academically and become good citizens. They hope, above all, to show kids how to resist bad influences that could lead them to crime, drug use, gang participation and violence.

The programs vary and in some cases, program volunteers will focus on providing educational opportunities in the classroom during the school year. In others, they will work with school officials to set up extended programs that supplement existing courses in civics and other related governmental process classes.

Additionally, a partnership with the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s mock trial program will be pursued and offered to school districts whereby local kids can compete in state-wide mock trial competitions.

Lastly, the District Attorney’s Office shall offer volunteer summer internships and after school work programs that shall be open to local high school and college students. For more information regarding the after school work program and internships please go to our internships page.


Toll Free Drug Tip Hotline: 855-564-6116

Toll Free Animal Abuse Hotline: 855-870-8081

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