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Animal Abuse Hotline: (855) 870-8081

The District Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement agencies are responsible for the investigation and prosecution of any act of abuse and/or cruelty towards animals of any kind. In furtherance of this mission, our office has employed Detective Stacey Wiley as a full-time Humane Officer. Detective Wiley is charged with the duty to investigate and prosecute all individuals responsible for the commission of crimes against animals.

“I believe that we have a duty and a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Animal abuse and/or cruelty should never be permitted nor tolerated within a community, and I will do all I can to hold those individuals who are responsible for crimes committed against animals.” –District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa

What the Humane Officer Does

The Humane Officer investigates reports of animal abuse, neglect and/or cruelty committed within Lawrence County. She is responsible for the issuance of animal license warnings, citations for failure to comply with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the criminal prosecution of all offenders. Persons wishing to report abuse, neglect and/or cruelty may contact the Humane Officer by calling the toll-free tip line listed above. The Humane Office will respond to and investigate all tips received, including those for large, domesticated animals and exotic pets.

What the Humane Officer Does Not Do

The Humane Officer does not respond to calls concerning lost, stray or nuisance animals, nor shall she respond to any matter involving pest control and/or wild animals. If your call is related to one of these concerns please contact the Lawrence County Dog Warden, the Lawrence County Game Commission and/or a private pest control service.


Toll Free Drug Tip Hotline: 855-564-6116

Toll Free Animal Abuse Hotline: 855-870-8081

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