Volunteer Internships

Undergraduate Internship

As an undergraduate intern with the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office, students have the opportunity to learn about the criminal justice system firsthand. They will work closely with all levels of staff, from assistant district attorneys to investigators to support staff, as well as have contact with other court and law enforcement personnel. An undergraduate intern can be expected to assist with any of the following duties:

  • Collecting and analyzing statistics
  • Doing research and special studies on issues affecting individual cases
  • Assembling reports, documents or manuals for distribution
  • Contacting witnesses — civilian and/or law enforcement
  • Assembling case evidence notebooks
  • Performing any related clerical work, as required, including answering telephones, photocopying and delivering documents, transporting media equipment and the like:

Legal Internship

Students who have completed their first year of law school will be placed in positions where they will be involved in legal research-related assignments. They will assist in the preparation of felony and misdemeanor prosecutions and participate in the handling of cases at the district magistrate level.

In addition, these volunteer law clerks may be asked to assist with any of the functions listed above for undergraduate interns, depending on the needs of the office.

Students interested in any of these internships should send a resume to: Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office, 430 Court Street, New Castle, PA 16101; telephone: (724) 656-1916; fax (724) 656-1986.


Toll Free Drug Tip Hotline: 855-564-6116

Toll Free Animal Abuse Hotline: 855-870-8081

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