Project Oasis

This initiative is designed to effect global change to a targeted neighborhood through coordinated local agency action. Project Oasis accomplishes this change utilizing a systematic approach utilizing local law enforcement, code enforcement, public works and finally social service organizations. The 1st phase of any Project Oasis program is to identify a distressed neighborhood and through the use of narcotics officers and patrol policing ferret out any root cause of criminal behavior. The 2nd phase seeks to improve the aesthetics of the neighborhood by trash and debris pick-up, sidewalk repairs, signage improvement and road maintenance. The 3rd and final phase introduces local service providers to the residents of the targeted neighborhood attempting to provide necessary social services, including the Office on Aging, Career Link, Jail-to-Jobs, Medical Assistance and a variety of home improvement grants.


Toll Free Anonymous Tip Line: 855-918-6476

Toll Free Drug Tip Hotline: 855-684-6116

Toll Free Animal Abuse Hotline: 855-619-8081


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