Our Mission

The mission of the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office is to pursue justice and protect the people of the County of Lawrence and the State of Pennsylvania by aggressively and fairly prosecuting those who violate the law.

We employ individuals of character and courage who provide the highest quality legal representation seeking justice for victims of crime and conscientiously seek to improve the criminal justice system by creating positive relationships with law enforcement and other community organizations.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life in our community, to be leaders in quality prosecution, to aggressively advocate the cause of justice and, above all, to make Lawrence County a safer place to live.

Role of the District Attorney’s Office: The District Attorney is both the public prosecutor and the chief law enforcement officer of the county. He is charged with the duty of investigating as well as prosecuting all cases alleging criminal conduct. His authority to investigate the facts before acting is discretionary and his jurisdiction is countywide. No one may institute criminal proceedings without the concurrence, approval and/or authorization of the District Attorney.

The position of District Attorney is established by the Pennsylvania Constitution and the District Attorney is elected to a four year term. The District Attorney acts both as a county officer and as a state officer in performing the duties of the office.


Toll Free Anonymous Tip Line: 855-918-6476

Toll Free Drug Tip Hotline: 855-684-6116

Toll Free Animal Abuse Hotline: 855-619-8081


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